Nigel – A Profile

Nigel Kenny

The salon team is headed by owner Nigel Kenny, who is accomplished in colour chemistry and practical and advanced application techniques, whilst maintaining a real world wearability with his work.

Nigel’s most outstanding achievements are in colour and creating bespoke education seminars. He has been involved the education game for over 14 years with some of the worlds biggest brands. Over the most recent years he has been the face for award winning brand Moroccanoil® for Ireland, which brought him to grace some of the biggest hair and fashion stages in the UK.

“Opportunities look a lot like hard work, you need to take a sexy approach to your work, which boils down to been smart, generous and thoughtful. Build your career around this approach, and the opportunities will come…” Nigel

Hair Salons Kilkenny- Nigel Kenny

Ireland’s first ever artistic educator

Nigel became Ireland’s very first ever artistic educator for L’oreal super brand “Matrix“, where he wrote and directed a very powerful and successful business seminar called “The power of the now”. Nigel also launched his own seminar, “The art of Colouring your Business“, where he travelled all over the UK and Ireland  delivering these highly pulsating seminars. He also launched Matrix’s most innovative competition “House of Talent” at the British fellowship of Hair Dressing stage at Salon International London, which was a fantastic opportunity for aspiring hair professionals to climb the ladder of glory.

‘The President of France is copying me’ Nigel on the The Late Late Show